My name is Jomi.

I’m the founder of Feel Eternity, a digital product strategy & design consultancy. I’m also the director of product design for Photon Health.

Before that, I spent a decade building web & mobile products and global design systems in media (Condé Nast), healthcare (Thirty Madison, Balanced), and several other startups.

I’m using this blog as a creative outlet to explore my curiosities in the intersection of design, strategy, philosophy, technology, culture, and social impact. In a sense, it’s a process of trying to understand who I am and to learn more about myself through writing.

Some of the main themes I’m exploring:

  • Improving society through products with better quality at lower cost
  • Holding on to ethics and philosophy in the age of modern capitalism
  • Using design and technology for good and not just for capital
  • Collective consciousness
  • Beauty

In other words: Creating things with soul.

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