This is inspired by Derek Siver’s Now page. It was last updated on October 30, 2023 from my home in Jersey City, NJ.


My latest update is this blog. I’ve been writing here sporadically, and have drafted a lot I haven’t posted, but I’d really like to be more consistent so I can have a creative outlet and a platform I can continue to build.


I’m currently reading The Great Thinkers by The School of Life. It’s fantastic so far learning about some of the most prominent philosophers in a very condensed form. My qualm though is it’s definitely written from a very Western and masculine point of view, which is very obvious from the thinkers selected. Which has got me to think about what next to balance this with. If you have any suggestions, please let me know: jomi at feel eternity dot com.

I’ve also been reading The Art of Strategy, the 2013 updated version of the game theory classic Thinking Strategically. My biggest motivation for this is the following section.

Learning about the healthcare industry

I just started a new position as director of design for Photon Health, a technology company on a mission to change the economics of prescription medication.

I’ve worked in healthcare for years now, first for direct-to-consumer health for Thirty Madison and then for Medicare Advantage-based consumer fitness Balanced. But this is my first foray into the pharmacy space and I’m learning so much everyday about the dynamics of the industry and the incentives of the entrenched players. The biggest challenge here is not designing the visuals of the software (though that will always be a challenge in traditional industries), but designing new behaviors and entirely new systems.

To help with this, I’m taking Stanford’s Introduction to Healthcare course and reading The Healthcare Value Chain by Lawton Burns.

Getting back into coding basics

I’m starting from scratch.

Web development has changed so much since I started learning it more seriously more than a decade ago. I’ve been up to date with the latest technologies (React, SwiftUI, etc.) but if I’m to be honest with myself, I can no longer build by myself with the level of competence I would wish to have, and that bothers me.

I still built most of this blog and can maintain it but it’s using older frameworks. It would be nice to give my web presence a bit of an update. For this, I’m going back to the fundamentals 2023 edition: HTML, CSS, Javascript.