Trevor Jackson

Interviewer: You also said the intention behind the work becomes even more important. I’m curious: what do you mean by that? How can an intention of a piece of work be more important than the outcome?”

Trevor Jackson: Because that’s all that matters. The reason you do something is what it’s all about. For me, what I do, this isn’t a lifestyle to me. This is my life. This is something I’ve grown up on. It’s helped me through really rough times. It’s pretty much fueled my life. And for me, right now, I said anyone can do anything that looks good. I’m not impressed by things that look good anymore. It doesn’t move me. I’m impressed by ideas. I’m impressed by people that may be the outcome isn’t great but the reason they did it is fantastic. Both in music and in visuals, that’s really what excites me right now.”

October 22, 2022

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