We Are Time Itself

Some argue the past is an illusion
And the future is already fixed

Some say the present is a singularity
Where we are watching our lives in a fabricated reality

I like to think of the future as an infinite pool of possibilities
But a finite pool of most likely probabilities
Where there is an associated future with every action we take
And the realm of possibilities go from endless to limited

At any given moment there are a few actions we can make
And the same can be said with every single person
Thus the vastness of the future lies on the collision of all these actions

So the future lies on a chain of events
Actions we take which are under our control
With actions of others which are not

We can strongly influence the realm of possibilities for ourselves
So long as we carefully structure the chain of actions we take
Just as the present is largely a chain of actions we took in the past
With a mix of luck, chance, and actions by others

But chain might it be, it is not linear
It is more like a maze
Where there is an associated exit with each path we take
But we are constructing where it goes
Just as we identify which direction to go to

We are both the architect and the participant of the maze
We pre-define what the realm of exits might be based on our current knowledge of what is possible for us
But we cannot construct the exit exactly as we would like it

The point is this: We influence the realm of possibilities
Infinite as it might feel, we have a role to play in expanding it and limiting it
Whether we think we have a choice in it or not

We expand when we are trying to discover what exits we might like to have
We limit based on how convinced we are of the exits available to us
We are constantly expanding and limiting within the scope of our present

Luck and the actions of others play a role in what is available to us at any given second
But the exercise is ours to wrestle with
One we have sole grasp of unless we choose to relinquish it

We are constructing the future every second
We are constantly expanding the possibilities and limiting the options
We are architecting the maze just as we are walking its walls
We are determining what exits we would like to have even if we can’t determine what the exit might actually be

There is power in this perspective of time

Where we are not just passive characters in the flow of reality
Where we have the greatest impact not just on its trajectory
But what the exits can be and who we will be like when we get there
We can bend the associated the future right in the present

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are
There is a already a distant future that is constructed based on what you are currently doing

The question is this: Is this the exit you want?
If yes, keep going within your chain of actions and continue to shape what your potential future might be
If no, continue to expand and then limit

We are merely going back and forth in this exercise
Even if we are conscious of it or not
The difference is in the belief that there is already a future for us
And that it is largely our choice what that can be

An extremely daunting realization
But a deeply empowering one

We are all architecting the future, individually and together
Time is not separate from us

We are time itself

September 1, 2021


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