The Vast Possibilities of the Universe

Sometimes we’re so caught up in what we’re going through that it becomes the lens through how we view everything in life. But our problems and issues and worries of the day are infinitesimal by comparison.

Thinking about the grand scheme” can sometimes feel like it’s too grand to the point that it’s not helpful in what we’re dealing with. But maybe it’s not meant to be. Rather, the grand scheme” can create the context from which we can evaluate how much something truly matters. All our thoughts can feel like a collective raging ball of fire as big and as daunting as the sun.

But what is the sun in our solar system when you pull back and look at a whole galaxy, much less the entire universe, from which we don’t know how far it goes and where it ends?

All of a sudden, the worst case scenarios and the pain of suffering starts to melt away. Because now what we start seeing in the eye of the mind are new possibilities. We can create new meaning and see what the pain is for. We see can see more than just what is consuming us in the present moment. We get to defuse and detach from what is and start to foster the willingness to move towards what we can be.

All of a sudden, we move away from feeling trapped, to feeling liberated. Maybe not fully so. There is still plenty of work to do. But it starts with seeing things in a new lens. And we can see the light in this momentary tunnel we’re in.

And that can be the difference.

It turns out, that light we see in a distance, was us all along.

July 21, 2023


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